The 7 Senators Who Opposed NDAA

Although it is a little disheartening that 93% of the US Senate voted for essentially getting rid of the 5th, 6th, and 7th amendments at least 7 had the guts to vote against it. Here they are:

  1.      Thomas Coburn (R-Oklahoma)
  2.      Thomas Harken (D-Iowa)
  3.      Mike Lee (R-Utah)
  4.      Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon)
  5.      Rand Paul (R-Kentucky)
  6.      Bernard Sanders (I-Vermont)
  7.      Ron Wyden (D-Oregon)

It is nice to see a mix of Republican, Democrats, and an Independent. Maybe if more voting records were as mixed as this we would have a more functional Congress. In addition, it is nice to see that some Senators still vote based on their convictions.

President Obama seems to be afraid to do anything out of fear of making a mistake, and that has been his biggest mistake. We need an intelligent, well-spoken, and respectful person to lead this nation to great things. Something that seems to get overlooked now is a need for administrative experience. As Obama is proving now the White House is not a great place to learn how to be an effective administrator. With Ron Paul and Gary Johnson both running for President on very similar platforms-Johnson is running as a Libertarian Candidate while Paul, although Libertarian, is running as a Republican- Paul has gotten the majority of the support and money. Even though Paul is well respected he has not had to balance his views with that of running a government as Johnson has as the governor of New Mexico. Johnson has done an excellent job of being an administrator and a politician, while many running have only been politicians.

The media should pay more attention to people who have successfully run governments as that is what elections should truly be about: a good candidate who has administrative experience and strong convictions to guide him through the daily tasks of leading this country. The seven senators who voted against NDAA showed strong convictions in voting “nay” and if any of them had administrative experience or get it soon any one of them should be a viable candidate inane election. It takes courage to vote against a bill like that and they should all be commended for their courage.

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