We really need get money out of politics

Yes, we are a PAC. By definition PACs pump money into politics but some ( I’m pretty sure we are the only one, but I might be wrong) can and do support campaign finance reform and even think Citizens United was one of the worst decisions ever. But as much as Republicans would like to scream about Obama and the Keystone XL pipeline and about how Obama is just an environmentalist who hates American jobs and who wants OPEC to remain in power the reality is that he is not. He is simply someone who sees that money is being pumped in from both sides for this and my guess is that he will piss off the environmentalists either in February or in April. Republicans don’t hate…Bush did the same thing when he signed Medicare Part D. All this wasted time is just the price we pay for having a government that is run by money and we need to scale back the money in politics right now before it is to late.

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